Are we worshiping Jesus or our technology?


When God shakes the Church in America, I suspect one of the first things to be confronted will be the “worship industry”. Technology has become a major distraction from true worship Period.

What would happen if we stripped away the technology, Planning Center, Propresenter, SongSelect, CCLI, the sound systems, screens, lights…

What would worship look like?

What if Hillsong, Passion, Bethel, etc. weren’t churning out a fresh batch of songs every year that we could “consume” and regurgitate to our congregations? What if “worship” blogs, magazines and social media weren’t feeding our addiction to the novelty of new Youtube “worship” videos and the latest iTunes albums?

If He stripped it all away, would we even have a song to sing to Him?

The Holy Spirit could leave most of our meetings and no one (including the worship leaders & pastors) would know the difference (and He probably already has in most places). What we call “worship” in most of the fasting-growing churches is dry, boring and lacking in the fire of the Spirit of God. And what’s even worse is that hardly anyone notices or cares.

We need worship leaders who know more about Jesus than they do about loops.
We need worship leaders who are ignorant of the latest songs but hear what the Spirit is speaking to the Church in this hour.
We need worship leaders who get lost in His presence when nobody’s looking.
We need worship leaders who read, memorize, pray and sing their Bible.
We need worship leaders who are burning with the Spirit of God, speaking in tongues all the time and prophesying.
We need worship leaders who can’t get Propresenter looking good but they’ve seen the eyes of fire of the Son of God.
We need worship leaders who can’t get the sanctuary lights just right, but they’ve seen the beauty of Jesus, the rainbow, lights and colors of Revelation 4.
We need worship leaders who can tarry with the Lord in prayer.

What strange expectations we put on worship leaders and church services. Don’t we want people leading us to Jesus who have actually been somewhere with Jesus? We shouldn’t expect American Idol on Sunday mornings; we should expect Acts 2 and Revelation 4-5. We should expect to meet with God, not hear a good Christian cover band.

Most of the time, it would be easier to turn on the Christian radio station that to listen to a Sunday morning church band. It’s all the same songs, plus the recordings sound better than the volunteer church band. What’s the point?

It would be wisdom for us to get back to the heart of worship, the heart of God, now… don’t wait until the US economy crashes and we can’t afford the technology, and we find ourselves standing around not sure how to worship without the bells and whistles.

One comment on “Are we worshiping Jesus or our technology?”

  1. Tina DuBois says:

    Wow! These are some,of the very things that have been on my heart. Revelations 4 and 5 have been burning in my heart. Same Holy Spirit!!!

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