Joy to the World

This time of year when so many people are thinking about the birth of Jesus, I like to reflect on the story in the first few chapters of Luke’s gospel.

The incarnation of Jesus Christ is fascinating and worth celebrating. Yet what always sticks out to me are the other characters involved in the story of His first coming.

It is fascinating because God chose to partner with forerunners to bring forth the Messiah.

Look at the other characters – Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Anna, Simeon. The Father chose to cooperate with willing vessels to birth His dream on the earth.

Mary told Gabriel, who was telling her God’s plan to conceive Christ in her, “Let it be to me according to Your word.” She literally birthed the Messiah!

Anna was faithful for decades in intercession and fasting, birthing the Messiah in the spirit through prayer!

God always brings heaven to earth in partnership with humanity.

He is looking for those willing to partner with Him, make themselves available to Him, and even deal with the reproach that comes from being a forerunner. When God wants to do something, He reveals it first prophetically, then He looks for those who respond to the word with a “yes!” in their hearts, and He moves through them to manifest His purposes!

These characters walked in faith with prophetic perspective – doing what no one else was doing because they saw what no one else saw. These were forerunners.

It is interesting, the song Joy to the World was actually written about the second coming of Jesus, even though it is typically sung as a Christmas carol to celebrate Jesus’ first coming. It reminds us that the kingdom is here but yet coming. It is now, but not yet.

And just as there were forerunners like Mary and Anna who partnered with God before Yeshua’s first coming, there will be a generation of forerunners in unity with the Holy Spirit who cry “Come!” before the second coming of our Savior. He really did come, and He really is coming again.

And God always brings heaven to earth in partnership with humanity.

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