“How did the Burn go?”

After we have Burns inevitably someone will ask me, “How did the Burn go?”. It’s an awkward question (most of the time asked in sincerity and love)  and I usually just say “great!”.

It’s really the wrong question and reveals a consumer mentality in how we approach our worship gatherings. The better question is…. WHY did it happen? What caused people to sit in a room and sing for 24 hours straight? That’s not normal.

The Burn is not the cause; it is the effect. The cause is Jesus, and our worship is a response to who He is and what He’s done.


We are obsessed with results… so what were the results of the Burn? But that’s the wrong question too. The better question is… What is the Burn a result of?

When you ask the right questions you end up back at Jesus… His worth… His beauty…His goodness… His love…

And with His beauty in sight, our eyes fixed on the Jewish man with fire in His eyes, you don’t ask if the Burn was good, because worshiping Jesus is always good because He is good.

If you’re worshiping the music, then you’ll say the Burn was good if they sang songs you liked or if the band was talented (and you’d conversely say that it was not good if you didn’t like the songs). If you worship people and the excitement of a crowd, then you’ll say the Burn is good if you show up when the room is full. But if you show up at 3am when there’s 5 people in the room you’ll be disappointed.

But if you’re worshiping Jesus, then none of that stuff matters too much. Worship is your response to Jesus Himself, not to the music of the crowd. So to answer the question… it’s always good because He is always good.

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